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Choose and Book reports

This data is intended to be used in addition to local Choose and Book Reports and Extracts available from within the application. Information analysts may wish to review the available data in the IA User Manual in the training section of this web site.

Each of these reports contains a cover page detailing the contents of that report and the criteria used for any data analysis.

We would welcome your feedback on these reports. If you have any comments please feel free to contact us at chooseandbook@nhs.net.

Choose and Book data and the PCT to CCG Transition

A guidance document has been produced describing the steps that will need to be taken during, and following the transition, of referring organisations to the new ODS Code structure. Download the document 'Reports and Extracts during the PCT to CCG transition'.

Daily Booking Reports

Daily booking reports are now available to download. Please read the supporting information prior to downloading.

Named Clinician Reports

Reports on monthly named clinician services are now available to download.

Monthly Reports

Appointment Slot Issue (ASI) reports

ASI report for January will be published on 11 February 2015

Archived reports still available: 2013; 2012; 2011

Slot Utilisation reports

The monthly slot utilisation reports contain the weekly slot utilisation information for the month.

EBSX reports

EBSX04 and EBSX05 Choose and Book extracts provide service and ODC code information.

EBSX03 Choose and Book extracts provide descriptions of the codes used in the EBSX05 extract.

For further information please refer to the Choose and Book Manual for Information Analysts. Please note these files are also available to users from within the Choose and Book application.

DOS Dashboards


January (zip 5.6Kb)

February (zip 5.4Kb)

March (zip 5.5Kb)

April (zip 5.5Mb)

May (zip 5.5Mb)

June (zip5.5Mb)

July (zip5.5Mb)

August (zip5.5Mb)

September (zip5.5Mb)

October (zip5.5.Mb)

November (zip5.5Mb)

December (zip5.5Mb)

Archived reports still available: 20132012; 2011

Weekly Utilisation reports

Important information

The Choose and Book Utilisation reports now have (from the report w/e 24/11/13) the estimated % weekly utilisation included.  Many end users of this data may be new to this metric so we felt some clarification may be required.

To calculate % utilisation we need a numerator, the number of Choose and Book referrals generated by referrers, and a denominator, the total of paper and Choose and Book referrals generated by referrers.  The numerator is derived direct from Choose and Book. The numerator is defined as the initial booking of a referral, excluding re-bookings.  The denominator is more difficult. The only dataset that currently exist nationally are the Monthly Activity Returns (MAR) from hospitals. This only covers first outpatient so utilisation calculations are limited to first outpatient referrals.
The MAR data is approximately 6-8 weeks, including processing (to remove referrals such as MOD and dental) in arrears and is our definitive dataset for % utilisation. This data can be found on the ‘Month Series’ tab of the utilisation report and should be used for actual utilisation data.

In order to give a more up to date estimation of first outpatient utilisation, historic MAR data is used to ‘predict’ activity prior to the MAR data being available. It is this data that we are now including in the reports.  We need to stress that this is an estimation of activity and not actual activity and there will be some variation from actuals that would be reported later when the MAR data is available.  Please contact chooseandbook@nhs.net if you have any questions relating to these reports.

Archive Utilisation reports for 2013 are still available to download.

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Weekly Appointment Slot Issue (ASI) reports 2014

Important Information

ASI Reports now consolidate data against Area Team replacing SHA.

An N3 connection is required to access the Appointment Slot Issue reports. These can be found on the reports page.

Archived Weekly ASI reports for: 2011 - 2013 are available on request. Please email chooseandbook@nhs.net.

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